Johnnys Chat: Johnnys and Wedding + Dating

Johnnys Chat: Johnnys and Wedding + Dating

We on Johnnys fandom be aware regarding Jin Akanishi’s current matrimony to help you Kuroki Meisa at the beginning of February and you will this has been a pretty hot issue since the. Why is one? This would look like only informal rumors that you’d look for regarding newsprints about superstars in the us, in the industry of Johnnys, and you can East-Far-eastern idols, it’s an issue. People has requested, “Why is it particularly an issue?” additionally the question is tough to respond to, unless you’re familiar with the business work generally. I wanted so it Johnnys Correspond with getting from the Johnnys and you can Relationships due to Jin’s previous matrimony and to get noticed light into a beneficial area of the state a large number of overseas fans, like me, would not understand. I won’t end up being talking about Jin’s relationships specifically, however, talking about the marriage ceremonies out of Johnnys (and you will Eastern-Far-eastern idols) will vary compared to the erican/ west famous people and how I know Johnnys to track down hitched.


Prior to getting into the matrimony and you will dating, I think it is vital to explain the government system regarding idols on the east. I mentioned this a previous Johnnys Cam post, but the majority idols (and you may a-listers) from inside the East Asia is treated by an agency. That it service acts as an intermediary between the idol therefore the those who need this new idol having operate, along with carry out brand new around agenda and you can what they would because of their jobs since a keen idol. Whenever i know it, western superstars don’t have an agency, but just an employer or a pr person who communicates which have the brand new force and you can mediates ranging from other people who should do team with them. In the East Asia, brand new idol are certain to get an employer even so they merely perform new activities of your own idol, not actually provide the idol works. Addititionally there is a whole hierarchy from management for larger businesses eg Johnnys, and perhaps the talents will likely not have even their private movie director, but a team movie director rather. It is the agency’s job to help you assign try to the idols which comes in off outside supply, and additionally designate benefit the latest key out-of whatever they carry out, which is in a vocal category.

Regulations and you can Photo

And additionally administration of the an agency happens tight rules, including laws on relationships and wedding. This is simply not merely Johnnys, but most idol teams and you may ability businesses, regardless of if for every single a person’s laws differ. AKB48 plus the other communities on the “48” have these statutes. For folks who split this type of statutes, you can be knocked out from the category or “questioned so you’re able to resign”. Johnnys actually too tight on the dating with regards to delivering banged from the department, however they are asked to store the fresh relationships really individual and you may out from the societal attention. In the event the good Johnnys is caught relationships, quite often it might be refuted together with agencies (to the one another parties’ area) commonly launch a proper statement that they are merely family unit members, though that is correct or otherwise not. Johnnys cannot get banged out from the agency on account of you to, but other ability organizations try stricter. The same thing goes which have relationship, but there are more strict regulations about this when you look at the Johnnys. Stuff has to undergo the latest institution regarding the talent you to definitely it carry out, off delegating work, so you can who they really are matchmaking, of course, if they’ll wed. What makes indeed there all these regulations and why does that which you have to go from institution? It’s all regarding visualize.

An enthusiastic idol’s (and you may celebrity’s) photo is everything in Japan, and you will Eastern China. What company the new idol touches is also a sign about what version of photo that idol is supposed to represent. When it comes to Johnnys, he could be said to be handsome, clean cut guys that seem available to any or all feminine. The key here’s “look for your family to female”. Just how do an excellent Johnnys look individually to women as he is actually relationship anyone or perhaps is hitched? That is my providers scholar top being released, exactly what whether it image is stained by matchmaking anyone otherwise engaged and getting married? One idol no longer is valuable into service. When the a keen idols is not valuable any further, rendering it much harder into the company to acquire jobs to possess the new idol, which means he’s keeping somebody thereon will not build all of them money. Therefore, the newest idol need to adhere to these rules and regulations or chance is a responsibility on the agencies. It is severe, yes, but dealing with idols remains a business.


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