Maybe Thomas met Sophia by way of their unique brother George, whom overlapped having your within Western Asylum

Maybe Thomas met Sophia by way of their unique brother George, whom overlapped having your within Western Asylum

His wife are a listening lady whose relationship to and you may lingering intercourse that have mutes enables their own so you’re able to [Avoid Web page 34] play with the vocabulary? (Anon

But not, tall variety of Deaf individuals stayed in regional townships?for example, brand new Sebec part of the Lovejoys; brand new Jacks and Jellisons inside the Monroe; this new Browns, Jellisons, and you may Staples from inside the Belfast; as well as the Berrys during the Chesterville. Sophia Curtiss?s loved ones is apparently out-of Leeds, Maine (several townships from This new Sharon, three regarding Sidney), however, gone to live in The newest Gloucester; she along with her moms and dads have been reading, however, she had four Deaf and two hearing sisters, exactly who interpbells. The wedding observe on Federal Deaf-Mute Gazette (replacement toward Guide) reveals both Brownish?s prominence plus the need to establish their blended wedding: ?Mr. Brown is simply too infamous to need any notice from the the give. 1867). Thomas and Sophia have been hitched in the Yarmouth, Maine, when you look at the November 1864 then took up house inside the Henniker.

The newest Lovejoy-Jellison-Berry group of southeastern Maine has the variation of being that of simply several very early Western Deaf household from the Northeast which have three or even more straight years of Deaf anyone (towards the first born before 1800); this new Brownish-Swett-Sanders class of central The brand new Hampshire are another (Jones 1996)

Thomas continued their life while the a farmer?and you will Deaf chief. Within the 1866 the fresh The united kingdomt Gallaudet Association found inside the Hartford to coincide into the fiftieth wedding occasion of your own American Asylum. Specific 500 some one read Brownish allow the presidential target, and then he launched you to definitely, once 12 years of provider, he’d resign in favor of his vice-president (Chamberlain 1867). 2 years afterwards the new Deaf-Mute?s Friend (successor towards the Gazette) wrote a letter from Thomas Brownish, suggesting a nationwide meeting from Deaf-Mutes. Considering an eminent Deaf teacher and writer whom recommended new suggestion throughout the adopting the topic, Brown got first-made which offer ?toward meeting during the Syracuse within the 1865??without doubt new meeting of one’s Empire County Association of Deaf-Mutes (T. Brown 1869).

In identical 12 months, 1869, Thomas?s aunt, Persis, died, just like the did Laurent Clerc (Chamberlain 1869b). Thomas, 65 yrs . old, claimed awards on state fair and you can cows inform you. His young man, Thomas Lewis, showed up family of Michigan to servers a massive birthday celebration to have his dad. Just as the Gazette confident its customers one Brownish?s the latest spouse realized sign vocabulary, therefore, the Pal told its clients that one of one’s storytellers on birthday party ?regardless if a paying attention man was an excellent sign-maker? (Swett 1869, 123). When you look at the 1874 Brown obtained this new presidency of your Clerc Monument Connection (T. L. Brown 1888), and you can few years after he depending the new Granite State Deaf-Mute Mission and you can try selected chairman (Tillinghast 1878).

William B. Swett observed in his buddy?s footsteps to promote Deaf passions: He wrote (with William Chamberlain) the Deaf-Mute?s Buddy; he was a movie director of your own Deaf-Mute Library Association; he was team director of your Boston Deaf-Mute Objective; in which he great site situated a college off industrial arts getting Deaf people, and therefore shortly additional an informative system for Deaf pupils; it continues today because the Beverly School to your Deaf (Swett 1874).

Thomas Brown is actually an excellent trustee of their nephew?s college or university within its very early decades (T. L. Brownish 1888). Inside the 1880 the original national summit regarding [Stop Page 35] Deaf people in the united states is actually convened exactly as Brownish had advised?with the exception of new location: It actually was held for the Cincinnati, perhaps not Hartford, and you will Brown, 76 yrs old, could not attend. He did, although not, sit in brand new meeting inside Ny when you look at the 1884 immediately after which traveled into Vineyard with his young man Thomas Lewis to consult with the fresh new family members out of his later spouse (T. Brown 1884). Thomas Brown passed away March 23, 1886.






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