The percentage distributions getting husbands and you may wives try closest during the Bangladesh and more than dissimilar for the Zambia

The percentage distributions getting husbands and you may wives try closest during the Bangladesh and more than dissimilar for the Zambia

Analytic Measures

The brand new analyses exhibited in this article is actually exploratory, really easy withdrawals (which can be adjusted that have ladies sampling weights available with Macro All over the world) try showed, and you may statistical testing is actually limited. The newest list regarding dissimilarity is utilized so you’re able to compare the marginal withdrawals to possess husbands as well as spouses: The importance stands for the brand new proportion out of responses who need to be changed inside the shipment for just one sex or the almost every other to ensure both distributions to-be similar.

To help evaluate the extent that spouses was revealing personal objectives and you may choice, while the notable away from couples objectives and you will preferences, the fresh new kappa figure is computed to the mix-tabulations away from spouses’ answers. A good kappa worth of .00 stands for no arrangement past chance, .00-.forty means poor agreement, .40-.75 is short for good agreement and thinking a lot more than .75 represent advanced level contract beyond options. 12


Total, there are only brief differences in the shipping off men’s and you will women’s solutions out of fascination with more students (Table 2, top panel). Discover a 39% highest interest in limiting childbearing among wives for the Zambia than certainly one of husbands (29% vs. 21%). Husbands also are apt to be than wives to want a new delivery soon; this might be as well as the situation on the Dominican Republic.

Although the sample has partners for the monogamous, married people, the fresh variety of husbands and you can spouses that form the cornerstone for the new withdrawals out-of answers out-of intent to practice birth control regarding the future aren’t the same (Dining table 2, down panel). Simply because just how many reported birth-control users is different each gender. In every around three surveys, the new intent to make use of contraceptives from the approaching year is much more high one of wives than just one of husbands. Of a lot husbands as well as want to use, but later. Once the dimensions of husbands and you may spouses who do maybe not wish to use is equivalent both in Zambia and you will Bangladesh, the newest ratio regardez le site ici from wives that do maybe not decide to routine contraceptive is higher than that of husbands by multiple-3rd throughout the Dominican Republic. Complete, discover deeper differences between wives and husbands into the intends to have fun with friends considered compared to virility wants, as shown by larger viewpoints of list regarding dissimilarity having birth control objectives.

In the Dominican Republic, 63% from husbands and of spouses claimed birth-control use, and you can both partners said include in sixty% out-of partners (Desk 3). If you’re 29% of spouses and you can 38% off husbands in the Zambia said training birth-control, one another spouses said performing this in just 23% off lovers. Inside Bangladesh, 55% regarding wives and you can 59% from husbands advertised contraception explore, and one another partners performed thus from inside the 52% of partners.

Into the each questionnaire, this new proportion out of spouses attempting to limitation or even to place births and you will looking to routine contraception contained in this one year is higher than that husbands. This new ratio regarding people in which both partners have to limit or even to space births and you may plan to play with contraceptives in the future try as much as you to-1 / 2 of the degree of the newest guess according to the wives’ account alone in Bangladesh and also the Dominican Republic and another-3rd the level during the Zambia.

Disagreement toward birth prevention use (the fresh proportion out of partners in which one mate reports explore) are low about Dominican Republic (8%) and you can high within the Zambia (23%, Table 4, webpage 176). One of partners where partner alone records birth control use, the latest spouse claims she plans to explore contraceptives next one year from the one to-50 % of the time for the Bangladesh and you will Zambia and another-third of the time from the Dominican Republic. Conversely, when precisely the wife account birth-control use, around you to-one-fourth to just one-3rd of one’s husbands report an intention to use contained in this several months.


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